A vision for the theatre

In today´s world, everybody speaks about life on the verge of crisis. The theatre has an experience of over 2000 years with this. The crossroads in a person’s life, the turning points in a society’s development have always been the material of work in the theatre. For the Salzburg State Theatre, we aim towards the objective of a light house of culture spreading a beacon of light across the city and far into the surrounding state.

A light house marks a point of orientation in calm and in rough seas. But especially when the nights are stormy, those at sea need clear signals. A theatre must convince with its inspirations in times of crisis and in so doing can become indispensable. We have the heroes who are courageous enough to overcome a crisis, role models who act out different possibilities of our lives. If theatre manages to present the topics of our times, it can create interpretations of life for all generations. Here and now. At the same time the theatre thrives on change. Art knows no stagnation just like life itself. Every successful enterprise grows. In the case of the State Theatre, this growth is of an artistic, communicative and economic nature.

The City and the State of Salzburg have always been associated with a great reputation for the arts. The State Theatre contributes significantly to a season of cultural highlights and has established itself as the leading institution for the performing arts in Salzburg with a program round the year.

Innovation can only be generated by the State Theatre when it perceived itself as a living organism. This includes the conviction that theatre has a lot to offer to society, an abundance of humanity, personality and a space for encounter and communication.

Dr. Carl Philip von Maldeghem, Artistic Director



The Salzburg State Theatre is the leading and most influential institution for the performing arts in the City and State of Salzburg with a full season. The theatre is home to opera, theatre, dance and the theatre for young audiences »Junges Land«, four vivacious and distinguished companies together under one roof. The theatre is playing 400 performances each season which stretches from September to June. 

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Kunst am Bau

During the restauration of the Salzburg State Theatre in 2009, the artist Thomas Baumann installed an artistical intervention alongside the theatre building. The Sculpture »Stimono«, a glass display cabinet, transforms the acoustics from inside the theatre into movement through LEDs. Whether it is rehearsals, performances, applause or technical and constructional activity, these sounds are becoming part of the art installation.

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Die Freunde des Salzburger Landestheaters freuen sich über Mitglieder, die »ihr» Theater lieben und sich mit ihm identifizieren! Die ideelle und finanzielle Unterstützung des Theaters sind ein wesentlicher Bestandteil unserer gemeinsamen Aktivitäten.

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The Salzburg State Theatre would like to thank the following cultural partners for their support.

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Ein inspirierender Gang durch das Theater, der Einblicke in die Bühne, die Kostümabteilung, die Maske und viele andere unbekannte Ecken gibt. Erleben Sie das Salzburger Landestheater aus einem ganz besonderen Blickwinkel.

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Offene Stellen

Das Salzburger Landestheater ist der prägende Mehrspartenbetrieb der Darstellenden Künste für Stadt und Land Salzburg. Unter dem Dach des Landestheaters arbeiten vier lebendige Sparten, Oper, Ballett, Schauspiel und Junges Land, zusammen und gestalten einen Spielplan mit etwa 25 Produktionen in rund 400 Vorstellungen.

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