Die Schneekönigin
Die Schneekönigin
© SLT / Christian Krautzberger

The Snow Queen

Nach Hans Christian Andersen

Stage adaptation by Astrid Großgasteiger / music by Carolin Anna Pichler

Kinderstück mit Musik ab 5 Jahren

Premiere: 03. November 2024 / Landestheater


With “The Snow Queen”, a play for the entire family, Astrid Großgasteiger, former head of the Young Theatre division, returns to the Salzburg State Theatre. Her own version of the fairy tale focuses on the magical elements of the work.

 The Snow Queen is one of the few chosen ones who have magical powers. Teleporting oneself to any place in the world in the blink of an eye, flying, talking to animals, being invisible or breathing underwater – having superpowers sounds spectacular, exciting and incredibly awesome. But the Snow Queen just wants to belong. After all, being special often makes you darn lonely. She is so sad that not even the exuberant racoon Ville is able to cheer her up, even though he is a born entertainer. He once started on the cumbersome journey to the North Country to find the legendary magic mirror. And now he is the lapdog of a lonely queen – a truly inglorious career for a genuine racoon. But when he accidentally breaks the magic mirror through his clumsiness and the shards fly away like bolts of lightning, a huge magical chaos ensues.