1000 Tutorials
1000 Tutorials
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

1000 Tutorials

Ronnie Brodetzky

Instructions: How to get up from a chair

World premiere 12/09/2020 / Salzburger Kammerspiele


How to fix a piano, how to make a soufflé, how to defend one’s home against burglars: None of the above poses a challenge for digital natives. Problems that once required us to get expert advice can now be solved with a quick search – for a YouTube tutorial. Nothing seems impossible where any expert knowledge is shared democratically. But what about the things we thought we were doing right all along? What is the right way to get up from a chair? The correct way to mop a floor? The best way to kiss someone? What is the most efficient way to mourn a dead pet? What are the rules for falling in love, fighting and breaking up? How should we deal with the insecurities that arise from comparing ourselves to others – and with the questions that cannot be answered with a few simple clicks?

“1000 Tutorials” takes the notion of a “tutorial society” to its absurd extremes. With much love and affection, the play portrays people who want to do everything right, people who are experts for the strangest skills and yet stumble over their own emotions in ways that are both funny and tragic. And all of this is based on real YouTube tutorials. “1000 Tutorials” will make you laugh and think – and might finally teach you how to mop a floor correctly.

Israeli director Ronnie Brodetzky is known for her imaginative plays with unusual concepts that explore humanity from extraordinary perspectives. Her play “Aquarium”, in which a cast of young actors performed interviews with senior Salzburg citizens to lip-synched recordings, was a great success with audiences in the 2018/2019 season.

 “How to get up from a chair” saw its world premiere in Haifa; for the Austrian version, called “1000 Tutorials”, a new text will be written in cooperation with author Lea Mantel, who also worked on “Aquarium”. Stage and costume designer Ruth Miller and choreographer Tal Cohn, who both made “Aquarium” such a colourful and energetic experience, will also contribute to “1000 Tutorials”.