3 × Chopin
3 × Chopin
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

3 × Chopin

Kristína Paulin / Kristian Lever / Nadav Zelner

A night of ballet – dedicated to Frédéric Chopin

World premiere 26. May 2022 / Rehearsal centre Aigen


“Espaces imaginaires” is what Frédéric Chopin called the extended spaces of imagination into which he was repeatedly drawn and where his compositions took shape even before he ever wrote them down. “I am (…) not in myself at all at this moment, but, as usual, somewhere else, somewhere quite different and strange. It must be those espaces imaginaires,” he described this peculiar state in a letter to his family in 1845.

On this special night, which is dedicated to the legendary virtuoso pianist and composer, the “espaces imaginaires” will also offer scope for three choreographers to let their imaginative powers roam, associating freely about the music and the character of Frédéric Chopin. Three choreographic styles, three ways of narrating, three different approaches to the artist Chopin and his music are merged to create an extraordinary evening.

In his fifth season as head of the ballet division, Reginaldo Oliveira succeeds in bringing three very different artists of international renown – Kristína Paulin, Kristian Lever and Nadav Zelner – to Salzburg for this tripartite ballet night, enabling audiences to experience the full diversity and complexity of their individual choreographic languages.


Slovak choreographer Kristína Paulin is a dancer with the Hamburg Ballet, where she created her first pieces. She has also choreographed works for the Salon Kleiner Michel, the Schauspielhaus and the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg. For the 2019 ballet gala “Mozart Moves!” she created “The Eye of God, 3rd floor”.

Finnish-British dancer and choreographer Kristian Lever has for instance created choreographies for the German National Youth Ballet, the Ballett Vorpommern and the Royal Danish Ballet. He choreographed the opera “Oberon” for the Salzburg State Theatre in 2019.

Israeli choreographer Nadav Zelner first caused a stir with his choreographed mini-dramas and dynamic dance videos. He developed the full-length work “Bullshit” for Gauthier Dance Stuttgart in 2018 and created works for the dance companies of the Theater St. Gallen and the Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow in 2020.

Duration: ca. 2 hours an 30 minutes, with two breaks