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Peter Shaffer

In German language with English subtitles.

Deutsch von Nina Adler / In Kooperation mit der Internationalen Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg zur Mozartwoche 2024

Premiere: 26. / 28. Jänner 2024 / Landestheater


In this new production, the Mozart Week and the Salzburg State Theatre join forces to present a modern Mozart image for the year 2024. 40 years ago, Peter Shaffer’s play “Amadeus”, in its brilliant film version by Miloš Forman, revolutionised our perception of Mozart. It was the first time that Mozart was simultaneously demystified, newly glorified as a genius and celebrated as a pop star of his time.

Antonio Salieri, the court composer of Emperor Joseph II, has become the greatest authority on music in Vienna. But his downfall is coming in the person of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an impetuous boy from Salzburg, goofy, disrespectful and constantly prone to obscene jokes. He effortlessly composes the most divine music, while Salieri works grimly yet produces only average compositions. Mozart’s works are received with enthusiasm throughout Vienna, but only Salieri understands Mozart’s true genius. Embittered, he realises that God’s voice is speaking through Mozart’s music, not his own. But Salieri is determined to fight God for this injustice. With the mysterious power inherent in mediocrity, he succeeds in poisoning Mozart’s life with intrigues, humiliations and injuries every step of the way. Still, Mozart’s music is soon being played everywhere, while interest in Salieri’s music is waning. Salieri is desperate and, as an old man, accuses himself of having murdered Mozart. But was he really Mozart’s murderer?

Peter Shaffer’s (1926–2016) 1979 play “Amadeus” is a stroke of genius of the greatest psychological intensity that explores the conflict of mediocrity versus genius in a masterful battle of wits between two musicians. The play won a Tony Award and the film version by Miloš Forman won several Academy Awards. In 2001, Shaffer was knighted by the Queen. Andreas Gergen, who has been the Salzburg State Theatre’s opera director for many years, seems predestined to stage Shaffer’s brilliant play in Mozart’s city of birth in a dramaturgic collaboration with Rolando Villazón. He is supported by stage designer Christian Floeren and costume designer Aleksandra Kica. Sona MacDonald, winner of the Nestroy Award, will bring a central role in the play to life.


Sales for the performances during the Mozart Week on 26.1.2024 and 3.2.2024 will be sold directly via the International Mozarteum Foundation.


Director Andreas Gergen

State Design Christian Floeren

Costume Design Aleksandra Kica

Musical arrangements Georg Wiesinger

Dramaturgische Beratung Rolando Villazón

Dramaturgy Friederike Bernau

Antonio Salieri Sona MacDonald

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Aaron Röll

Constanze Weber, seine Frau Lisa Fertner

Joseph II, Kaiser von Österreich Axel Meinhardt

Graf Johann Kilian von Strack, Kaiserlicher Kammerherr Matthias Hermann

Graf Franz Orsini-Rosenberg, Direktor der Nationaloper Tina Eberhardt

Baron Gottfried van Swieten, Präfekt d. Nationalbibliothek Martin Trippensee

Zwei Venticelli, "Lüftchen": Zuträger von Informationen, Klatsch und Gerüchten Mehdi Salim Benjdila
Patricia Falk

Caterina Cavalieri N. N.

Chor Chor des Salzburger Landestheaters