An der Arche um Acht
An der Arche um Acht
© SLT / Christian Krautzberger;


Ulrich Hub

children´s piece from 5 years

Premiere: 21. September 2024 / Kammerspiele


The play, which takes the youngest theatre audiences on a cruise with three illustrious penguins, features slapstick and wild fun: One penguin for all and all for one! These three odd birds are as inseparable as the Three Musketeers. Even though they each have their quirks and are sometimes annoyed with each other, they could never part. But rumour has it that a great flood is coming. Good heavens, good grief, holy smoke – this can’t be happening! Luckily, salvation is at hand in the form of Noah’s Ark. But the dove says only two of each kind may board the blessed boat.

“Meet me at the Ark at Eight”, the dove says to two of the penguins, for they are the chosen ones. But there are three of them! And who gets to decide who may board Noah’s Ark and who may not? What a dilemma – doesn’t every creature have the right to live and survive? The two penguins are faced with a huge problem: They could not possibly leave behind their friend, the third penguin. To make matters worse, the third penguin is unaware of all the drama. But the three friends have mastered many difficult situations before. All that a problem needs is a solution! And they will surely find one.

Author Ulrich Hub (*1963) asks the great questions of power, friendship and God in a light and carefree tone.