New Years Gala



»Dance the Blues' Soul« is the self-imposed goal of ballet director Peter Breuer, who with this new performance will guide the audience on a journey into his own past. He was considered fond of the great Blues artists at a young age, whose works he became familiar with in private jam sessions with his father, himself a passionate jazz musician. This will not be a dry lecture about the history of the Blues, rather a colorful kaleidoscope that brings the multifaceted nature of this musical form to the stage.
In addition to titles by BB King, John Lee Hooker, Janis Joplin and of course the Blues Brothers, the evening will include songs by Viennese Blues artist Al Cook. Not only will a live band perform for the audience, but it will engage in a dialogue with the dancers and improvise based on impulses they provide. Improvisation is an important aspect of this musical genre. Just as in the production »Bach 'n' Drums«, an intense give-and-take between dance ano music will shape the evening's program.

Duration: 2 hours \ one intermission


Choreography Prof. Peter Breuer