Blauer als sonst
Blauer als sonst
© Tobias Witzgall

Blauer als sonst

Eva Rottmann

From 12 years

Austrian Premiere 03/12/2021 / Salzburger Kammerspiele


A heart that beats faster, a shy glance, an awkward touch that elicits an awkward response, a thousand questions and yet no answers – is this love? Finn is not sure, because it is all new to him. A new town, a new school, new friends and then there is this girl – Jule. When they study together, the sky suddenly seems bluer and the world seems to revolve around her. At the same time, it feels like he is skating on thin ice. And all the outside pressure he feels threatens to turn the skating into a roller coaster ride that ends with a plunge into cold water. It suddenly seems like everybody knows more than him and has done “it” or, at the very least, can’t wait to do it. It’s upsetting! And then Finn’s father starts to interfere, even though he has no clue about anything – least of all about love. Even if he did, times have changed a lot since then, right? But maybe his father has had more adventures than Finn knows...

In this maelstrom of conflicting emotions, it becomes a real challenge to find his own pace, take a step back and enjoy the moment in the here and now. Finn’s uncertainty increases and he doesn’t know if he may, or should, kiss Jule and where he may put his hands. Why does she like him? Why does he like her? Why do we love?

Blauer als sonst” was commissioned by the Schauspielhaus Zürich and, like most works by award-winning writer and theatre artist Eva Rottmann (*1983), it boasts a pure, direct and deeply honest language. A workshop with young adults that lasted for several days laid the foundation for the project. The text is inspired by the students’ thoughts, ideas and words.

Christina Piegger enchanted young audiences with her debut as a director in the production “La Fugitive” in the 2017/2018 season. With “The Little Vampire” (2019/2020 season), she again demonstrated her talents as a director for the youngest theatre lovers. Now, young adults will finally also get a chance to enjoy her imaginative and humorous imagery in the play “Blauer als sonst”.