Blut an meinen Händen
Blut an meinen Händen
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

Blut an meinen Händen

Shlomo Moskovitz

Translation from Hebrew by Helene Seidler


Aufgrund der Covid-19-Pandemie und der damit einhergehenden vorübergehenden Schließung des Salzburger Landestheaters wurde die Produktion in die nächste Spielzeit verschoben.

Suliman, a young Palestinian, flees to Europe and is hit by a car just after he arrives in Salzburg. Michael, the driver of the car, was drunk and feels great remorse. The successful lawyer, who is originally from Israel, brings Suliman home to care for him. This extraordinary living arrangement results in a complex web of relationships between Suliman and the members of Michael’s family. Michael’s wife is very upfront in taking care of their injured guest. The artistically talented young man and Michael’s daughter Anna, who are the same age, soon find they have a lot in common and together they launch a spiritual online video project. Meanwhile, Anna’s brother Thomas considers Suliman an intruder, even an enemy. A high concentration of emotional, psychological, religious and political challenges combined with issues of family history make the situation escalate.

What role do morals play in the decisions we take every day? How much does proof matter in the face of prejudice? And does a young and innocent love stand any chance at all in this constellation?

Israeli author and director Shlomo Moskovitz was born in 1961 and studied acting and directing in Tel Aviv. He has directed plays for the HaSimta Theatre and for various festivals and has been writing and translating theatre plays and screenplays since 1990. His sharp-witted and humorous texts dissect philosophical, religious and political clichés. In “Mozart Moves! Seven Short Plays”, his text “Schleier” about a cross-cultural spaghetti dinner was a great success with Salzburg audiences.

Dedi Baron is very familiar with the works of Shlomo Moskovitz, having staged many world premieres of his plays. The Israeli director, who mounted the much-acclaimed production of “Terror” in Salzburg, will again be working with stage and costume designer Eva Musil.


Inszenierung Dedi Baron

Bühne und Kostüme Eva Musil

Videoprojektionen Tobias Witzgall

Musik Carla Maria Schmutter

Dramaturgie Friederike Bernau

Michael Christoph Wieschke

Bettina Tina Eberhardt

Suliman Rachid Zinaladin

Anna Lisa Fertner

Thomas Gregor Schulz

Salam Carolina Braun

Rivka, (Videoeinspielung) Miriam Zohar