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Cinderella – Children’s version

Alma Deutscher


Premiere of the children’s version 01/12/2021 / Salzburg State Theatre


Music is her life. Cinderella would love to just invent new melodies all day long. Instead, she needs to do boring chores for her stepmother day and night. Even though her stepmother runs an opera house, she is not in the least interested in Cinderella’s gift. All she cares about are her two daughters Griselda and Zibaldona, who think they are incredible singers, but are not really that talented.

Fortunately, the wise fairy Emeline intervenes. She brings Cinderella a poem that inspires the girl to write a wonderful melody. What Cinderella doesn’t know is that the poem was written by none other than the prince. He would much rather become a poet than a king. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are thrilled to receive an invitation to a singing competition at the court. Finally, they will have a chance to shine. And Cinderella also wants to present her new melody. How the story ends? All we’ll tell you is that no princess dress nor any shoes will play a part in the prince’s search for his unknown beauty

Sounds like Cinderella – or does it? Composer Alma Deutscher tells her very own version of Cinderella, in which the music itself becomes part of the plot. Cinderella is not just pretty, she is also very talented and knows exactly what she wants. And that is just what the prince likes about her.

In its shortened version for children from the age of six, this opera with its magical melodies will win many young hearts for classical music.

When Alma Deutscher (*2005) was four years old, she was already playing the violin and the piano as well as composing her own music. Aged only ten, the young British artist presented her second opera, “Cinderella”. It saw its world premiere in Israel as a chamber piece in July 2015, followed by premieres in Vienna (2016) and San José (2017), as well as the children’s version at the Vienna State Opera (2018).

Once again, Carl Philip von Maldeghem stages a work for young audiences. After his productions of “Bend it like Beckham” and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” for the Young Theatre division, he will create a children’s version of his full-length production of “Cinderella”. Principal Conductor Gabriel Venzago will conduct the orchestra for these performances.

Selected performance

Su 03/21/2021 03.00 pm

Salzburger Landestheater

Cast (on 03/21/2021)

Musical Director Gabriel Venzago

Director Carl Philip von Maldeghem

Stage and Costume Design Stefanie Seitz

Dramaturgy Thomas Rufin

Cinderella Laura Incko

Griselda Hazel McBain

Zibaldona Olivia Cosio

Die Stiefmutter Anne-Fleur Werner

Der König Raimundas Juzuitis

Der Prinz Luke Sinclair

Ein Minister Alexander Hüttner

Die gute Fee Olga Levtcheva

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