Das fliegende Klassenzimmer
Das fliegende Klassenzimmer
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

The flying classroom

Erich Kästner / Katrin Schweiger

Ages 8 and up

World premiere of the musical version by Katrin Schweiger (music) and Marco Dott (lyrics)

World premiere: 21 January 2023 / Salzburg State Theatre


There’s chaos at the school! Schoolwork, tests and rehearsals for the annual theatre performance – how will the students cope with all that? To make matters worse, their rivals from the city school have captured Rudi Kreuzkamm and have stolen the exercise books that contain their dictations. This is outrageous – and calls for revenge! Furthermore, a dangerous experiment ends in a broken leg and – even worse – a letter ends in a broken heart.

“The Flying Classroom” shows that the period of childhood is not all pink candyfloss, but can sometimes feel like an itchy sweater, knitted from loneliness and insecurity. But good friends make everything easier. With soft wistfulness and warm humour, Kästner describes the adventures of schoolchildren and lets us relate to their small and big worries.

The ensemble of the Salzburg State Theatre teams up with the Salzburger Festspiele und Theater Kinderchor (the children’s choir of the Salzburg Festival and the Salzburg State Theatre) to present an uplifting theatre experience in a new version with music by resident composer Katrin Schweiger.

The classic story for children, which Erich Kästner (1899–1974) himself considered his best children’s book, celebrates its 90th anniversary. The author, journalist and screenwriter was best known for his humorous and perceptive children’s books. Maybe that was why Kästner’s works were among the books burnt by the Nazis.

Following numerous productions for young audiences, including “Momo”, “Heidi” and “Centre of My World”, director Marco Dott collaborates with resident composer Katrin Schweiger and the members of the Salzburger Festspiele und Theater Kinderchor, led by Wolfgang Götz, to stage Kästner’s classic work as a musical.


Musical Director Katrin Schweiger

Director Marco Dott

Choreography Josef Vesely
Kate Watson

Stage and Costume Design Manuela Weilguni

Dramaturgy Anna Lukasser-Weitlaner

Dr. Robert Uthoff (Der Nichtraucher) Alexander Sichel

Dr. Johann Bökh / Erzähler Thomas Wegscheider

Martinas Mutter / Egerlands Mutter Katrin Heles

Direktor Kreuzkamm / Martinas Vater Edi Jäger

Martina Thaler Emilia Grabner / Isabella Menapace

Jonathan / Johanna von Trotz Filip Köpke / Sophia Rissaweg

Sophie Frank Juliet Stiles / Alma Tomasi

Egerland Lea Drexel / Leopoldine Richards

Uli von Simmern Daniel Fussek / Leonhard Radauer

Matthias Selbmann Christoph Bleyer / Nikolas Kendi

Junger Bökh Emil Galimzanov / Matthias Schorn-Roubin

Junger Nichtraucher Lukas Scheicher / Nicolas Podlogar

Rudi Kreuzkamm Ben Kleibel / Moritz Ungeringer

Die schöne Theodora Raisa Theodora Ehim / Kira Pachner

Warwerka Christoph Bleyer / Nikolas Kendi / Lennart Malm

Schulklasse Emma Dirnberger, Lorena Waldegger, Elodie Coleman, Amelie Grebe, Maria Luisa Leitgeb, Xenia Mangeng, Sophie Aichner, Annalena Huber, Mattheo Macheiner, Jonna Doppler, Azara Kamara-Tsagli, Naima Jones, Lorina Gahleitner, Lukas Scheicher, Nicolas Podlogar, Emil Galimzanov, Matthias Schorn-Roubin, Emilia Grabner, Isabella Menapace, Filip Köpke, Sophia Rissaweg, Juliet Stiles, Alma Tomasi, Lea Drexel, Leopoldine Richards, Daniel Fussek, Leonhard Radauer, Ben Kleibel, Moritz Ungeringer

Choir Salzburger Festspiele und Theater Kinderchor