Grand New Year’s Eve Concert

„Alles Walzer“

Concert with ballet

Date: 31 December 2022 / Great Festival Hall


The exclamation “Alles Walzer” (“Everybody waltz!”) traditionally marks the official opening of the Vienna Opera Ball. This year, it aptly describes the New Year’s Eve celebration at the Great Festival Hall. Musical Director Leslie Suganandarajah, the Mozarteum Orchestra, opera ensemble soloists and the ballet dancers of the Salzburg State Theatre welcome audiences to this extraordinary end-of-the-year concert, whose 2022 edition will focus on waltzes.

In addition to famous waltz melodies by Johann Strauss and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the programme will be complemented by rarities by Lou Koster and Mykola Lysenko. Even before the world premiere of her new opera, the young composer Alma Deutscher will contribute her own waltz suite, which she will conduct herself.

For decades, the Great Festival Hall has served as the venue for the Grand New Year’s Eve Concert of the Salzburg State Theatre and the Mozarteum Orchestra. For many visitors from near and far, the concert is an annual highlight. With a clearly outlined thematic programme – this year presenting a bouquet of the most beautiful melodies from the Austrian and global traditions of symphonic waltzes – Salzburg hails the new year even before the clock strikes midnight.

When the Viennese Waltz first appeared in ballrooms around 1800, it was considered improper because of its spirited pace. But composers such as Joseph Lanner (1801–1843) and Johann Strauss the Elder (1804–1849) soon made it one of the most popular ballroom dances in Austria and laid the groundwork for its global success story. The dance has continued to inspire composers to create catchy melodies from the 19th century to the present day.

Leslie Suganandarajah has been the Salzburg State Theatre’s Musical Director since 2019. He previously acted as principal conductor at the Theater Koblenz and the Landestheater Linz. He was also invited to serve as a guest conductor for orchestras including the MDR-Sinfonieorchester, the WDR-Funkhausorchester and the Bruckner Orchestra Linz. 2022 marks his third season conducting the Grand New Year’s Eve Concert in Salzburg.

Duration: 2 h 45 min / one break


Oscar Straus
Ouvertüre aus „Ein Walzertraum“

Richard Strauss
Erste Walzerfolge aus „Der Rosenkavalier“, op. 59

Aram Chatschaturjan
Walzer aus „Maskerade“
Choreographie: Kt. Flavio Salamanka
Gala Lara, Larissa Mota; Ben van Beelen, Kt. Flavio Salamanka

Mykola Lysenko
Arrangement: Oleksiy Bazhenov
Walzer „Rozluka”, op. 39/1

Alma Deutscher
Walzer-Suite aus „Des Kaisers neue Walzer“

Maurice Ravel
„La valse – poème chorégraphique pour orchestre“


Lou Koster
„Lore-Lore“, op. 13

Patrick Doyle
Potter Waltz aus „Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire“

Frédéric Chopin / Alexander K. Glasunow
Valse in cis-Moll aus „Les Sylphides (Chopiniana)“
Choreographie: Niccolò Masini (Uraufführung)
Sveva Gaudenzi, Mikino Karube

Pjotr I. Tschaikowsky
Blumenwalzer aus „Der Nussknacker“, op. 71

Johann Strauß (Sohn)
„Kaiser-Walzer“, op. 437

Eduard Strauß
„Carmen-Quadrille“, op. 134
Choreographie: Reginaldo Oliveira (Uraufführung)
Dafne Barbosa, Valbona Bushkola, Annachiara Corti, Sveva Gaudenzi, Mikino Karube, Gala Lara, Larissa Mota; Ben van Beelen, Oliver Hoddinott, Lucas Leonardo,
Niccolò Masini, Paulo Muniz, Cassiano Rodrigues, Kt. Flavio Salamanka