Das Traumfresserchen
Das Traumfresserchen
© SLT / Christian Krautzberger

The Dream-Eater

Michael Ende

Ballett für Kinder ab 5 Jahren

Premiere: 20. Jänner 2025 / Kammerspiele


Good sleep is the most important thing in the kingdom of Slumberland. The person who sleeps best is made king. Sound, restful sleep is expected of the entire royal family; after all, they should serve as an example to the people of Slumberland. Princess Schlafittchen is trying her best to be a good princess and to sleep calmly. Led by her curiosity, however, she opens the secret door in the cellar, behind which the Dream-Eater lives. The princess inadvertently sends it away. From now on, all the people of Slumberland are plagued by nightmares and Schlafittchen is also tossing and turning at night. The people are becoming restless and there is talk of a revolution. Nobody knows what to do – until Schlafittchen’s father sets out on an adventurous journey and finds the starving Dream-Eater. Will they return to Slumberland in time?

After their production of “The Rainbow Fish”, Kate Watson and Josef Vesely have once more choreographed a story for young audiences. The classic children’s book by Michael Ende explains in impressive images how our experiences are reflected in our dreams and where nightmares come from.