Der Anfang von fast Allem
Der Anfang von fast Allem
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Der Anfang von fast allem

Armela Madreiter

For children 5 years and older.

Ein Forschungsstück für Kinder / In Kooperation mit dem Haus der Natur

Uraufführung: 06. März 2024 / Haus der Natur


In the name of science, all curious young researchers join our heroine Eda on an adventurous expedition through the fascinating House of Nature.

Sometimes large, round, and bright, sometimes thin and crescent-shaped, it appears every night in the sky - the moon! A few days ago, Eda looked through Grandma's big telescope and discovered a face up there. A moon face, smiling at her. "The Man in the Moon," Grandma says. But Eda sees something else: there's a woman up there, with her hair tied in a ponytail. The Woman in the Moon! Eda is a self-proclaimed researcher and begins to observe the moon night after night, raising many questions in her mind. How old is the moon, anyway? What has it seen from up there? What does the moon feel when a spaceship lands on it? Is it friends with the other planets? Perhaps the moon was there from the very beginning? And what was the beginning, after all?

Eda has so many questions, and no one seems to have all the answers. But one night, she receives a very special visitor: the Woman in the Moon sits by her bedside and wants to travel far back in time with her, all the way to the beginning. Eda, of course, doesn't miss this opportunity. She packs her telescope, microscope, and binoculars and embarks on a nocturnal expedition to the "beginning of almost everything"!


Duration: 65 min / no break


Director Christiane Silberhumer

Stage and Costume Design Sonja Böhm

Dramaturgie Anna Lukasser-Weitlaner

Eda Florentine Beyer

Frau im Mond Anja Clementi

Audio introduction

von Anna Lukasser-Weitlaner