Der Busfahrer, der Gott sein wollte
Der Busfahrer, der Gott sein wollte
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God

Etgar Keret / Ronnie Brodetzky

A play based on five stories by Etgar Keret

European premiere 5. May 2022 / Rehearsal centre Aigen


This is the story of a trip to Chubeza – the place where people are happy. We meet the bus driver who wanted to be God and who only acts in the interest of society, as well as Eddie the cook, who is in love with a girl who just might bring him some luck. Then there is Slimy Shlomo, a bullied, rejected kid. We hear the story of Danny, who saves the world by colouring it in cheerful shades. And finally, we encounter a girl who would do anything to have shining eyes… Etgar Keret’s protagonists are desperately seeking happiness – and eventually realise that bliss is not necessarily contagious.

Ronnie Brodetzky’s theatre night is based on stories by Israeli writer Etgar Keret. Keret is a master of drastic, absurd and ambiguous narratives about people on the fringes of society and about defeat, heartache, Arabs, racism, puberty and the military – without any concessions to political correctness. The director’s theatrical language is very physical and carnivalesque. All characters in Chubeza incorporate both the virtuosity of clowns and their inherent failures.


Etgar Keret was born in 1967 in Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv, where he is now teaching screenwriting at the Film Academy. He writes short stories, graphic novels and screenplays. His first film, “Jellyfish”, won the award for best debut at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. Keret lives with his wife and son in Tel Aviv.

Israeli director Ronnie Brodetzky is renowned for her imaginative plays with unusual concepts that present eccentric perspectives on what it means to be human. Once again, she will be collaborating with stage and costume designer Ruth Miller and choreographer Tal Cohn. The team has already staged “Aquarium” and “1000 Tutorials” in Salzburg.