The Gruffalo

Julia Donaldson

CHILDREN’S PLAY / From 5 years


Aufgrund der Covid-19-Pandemie und der damit einhergehenden vorübergehenden Schließung des Salzburger Landestheaters wurde die Produktion in die nächste Spielzeit verschoben.

If you are big and strong, you need not be afraid of anything, right? But then again, the biggest, strongest monster in the woods is terribly scared of a tiny mouse. A mouse? That’s right! But it’s not just any mouse, it is a mouse whose eyes burn like fire. One that every animal in the woods is afraid of. Even so, the gruffalo child just can’t believe it. A mouse! But the gruffalo has seen with its own eyes how all the animals in the woods freeze in terror when they see this particular little mouse.

Well, appearances can be deceptive. On the fateful day that the mouse and the gruffalo meet for the first time, the cunning mouse has had quite an adventurous little walk. It loves nothing more than a brisk stroll in the woods on a nice and sunny day like this. But the clever rodent soon realises that some animals in the woods would love to have it for dinner – and not as a guest. The mouse really doesn’t feel like being eaten, so it tells all the hungry animals that it has been invited to dine with the gruffalo; and it describes this dangerous creature very closely. The fox, the snake and the owl have never seen a gruffalo before, but they decide that it is wiser not to cross the friend of such a scary monster. There’s no such thing as a gruffalo, because the mouse has invented it – or so it thinks. Imagine the mouse’s surprise when it comes face to face with a real gruffalo! To make matters worse, the gruffalo’s favourite food is mouse on a slice of bread. But of course the smart little mouse already has a plan to get out of the woods

Children love the books of British author Julia Donaldson (*1948), who is the fourth biggest-selling writer in British history. Her bestselling book “The Gruffalo” has been translated into more than 40 languages and has won the hearts of young readers all over the world.

When Oliver Wronka directs a production and stage and costume designer Nina Wronka turns the stage into a realm of fantasy, the resulting theatre experience can only be magical. After their successful plays “Animal Farm” (2016/2017 season) and “The Brothers Lionheart” (2017/2018 season), the talented theatre artists will now charm their youngest audiences yet.


Director Oliver Wronka

Stage and Costume Design Nina Wronka

Dramaturgy Angela Beyerlein

Mit Gregor Schulz
Martin Trippensee
Matthias Hermann

Geräuschemacher Georg Clementi