Der kleine Vampir
Der kleine Vampir
© Tobias Witzgall

The Little Vampire

Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

Musical Play for Children / Ages 6 and up / Libretto by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, Marcel Gödde and Karl-Heinz March / Music by Uwe Vogel

Premiere 08/11/2019 / Salzburg State Theatre


Horror films, scary stories, Dracula and Frankenstein – some begin to shiver just thinking about such things. But Anton is different, he loves everything that gives other people goosebumps.

One day a real vampire lands on his windowsill and Anton is beside himself with joy. The vampire’s name is Rüdiger von Schlotterstein and he lives with his family in a real crypt, but he feels alone because he is not a typical vampire – he is even scared of the dark. This is the beginning of an unusual friendship that will take them on many adventures: Together with Rüdiger’s little sister Anna they dare to frighten Geiermeier, the caretaker of the cemetery, they run away from ever-hungry Aunt Dorothee and they learn much about each other’s worlds. Even Anton’s parents get to meet their son’s new, oddly pale playmate. Of course they don’t believe a word he says! But why should it be so strange for a boy and a vampire to be friends? Whether we are vampires or human beings, true friendship is not about where we come from. Anton and Rüdiger are braver when they are together and they make a great team – in short, they are best friends!

The successful “Little Vampire” series of children’s books by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg (*1948), a writer and teacher from Northern Germany, has sold more than 12 million copies since 1979 and has been translated into 30 languages. It inspired a TV series and, in 2017, an animated film. In 1998, the story surrounding Anton, Rüdiger and Anna was adapted as a thrilling musical play.

Christina Piegger made her debut as a director for young audiences at the Salzburg State Theatre in the 2017/2018 season with the children’s opera “La Fugitive”. Peter Engel has created magical worlds for productions including “Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver”, “The Little Witch” and “Master Eder and His Pumuckl”. Together, the production team retells “The Little Vampire” as a colourful and very funny adventure.