Der Lorax
Der Lorax
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

Der Lorax

Dr. Seuss

Adapted for the stage by Richard Panzenböck

Play and puppet show based on the book of the same name

World premiere: 29 March 2023 / Kammerspiele


Green meadows, fresh air and sunshine – that is what the world should be like! But hardly anybody can remember the “good old times” in the world where Andrea lives. Rumours are all that’s left from this period in the past, which now seems completely unreal. People keep talking about Truffula trees and the Lorax. But what plants do they mean? And who or what is this Lorax?

To answer questions such as these and to solve the mystery of the past, twelve-year-old Andrea embarks on a dangerous journey: He leaves the city and makes for the wasteland, searching for the house of the eccentric Once-ler, who used to be a much celebrated inventor and designer until his hunger for success made him lose sight of what matters. For years, he has had to live with the consequences of his greed. But what happened back then? And is it too late to fix things?

“The Lorax” impressively illustrates the consequences of ruthless consumption – and reminds us that we all have the power to change things: With greater awareness for our environment, we can make an attempt to keep our planet liveable.

The international best seller “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss (1904–1991) became known in Austria especially through the animated film released in 2012. In his bizarre stories, Dr. Seuss succeeds in discussing serious problems of society without appearing biased or moralising. His stories are great fun, they make us think and they offer suggestions, but they never give any simplified answers. They can be interpreted as encouragement to act on one’s own initiative.

Richard Panzenböck, who has staged productions at the Vienna Burgtheater, is active as a director, actor, puppeteer and puppet maker. His productions are characterised by the interplay of his professions. Stage and costume designer Geraldine Massing transforms stages into magical places. “The Lorax” marks her debut at the Salzburg State Theatre.


Director Richard Panzenböck

Stage and Costume Design Geraldine Massing

Puppenbau Richard Panzenböck
Michaela Studeny

Musik Katrin Schweiger

Video Tobias Witzgall

Dramaturgy Anna Lukasser-Weitlaner

Der Einstler Gregor Schleuning

Der Lorax / Summerfisch Arthur Büscher

Junge / Braunfelliwulli / Summerfisch / Passant*in Aaron Röll

Braunfelliwulli / Summerfisch / Passant*in / Model Leyla Bischoff

Braunfelliwulli / Passant*in / Model Elisabeth Mackner

Erzähler-Stimme Georg Clementi

Audio introduction

von Anna Lukasser-Weitlaner