Der Schuh des Manitu
Der Schuh des Manitu
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

Der Schuh des Manitu

Martin Lingnau

Music by Martin Lingnau
Lyrics by Heiko Wohlgemuth Book by John von Düffel and Heiko Wohlgemuth
Idea and concept by Andreas Gergen

A joint production of the Deutsches Theater München and the Salzburg State Theatre in cooperation with Stage Entertainment & herbX film GmbH

Premiere Salzburg 22. Jänner 2022 / Landestheater - Premiere München 14. Oktober 2021 / Deutsches Theater München


Michael Bully Herbig’s film is still one of the most successful movies in Austria. The Salzburg State Theatre is now proud to present its musical version! This ingenious musical reproduces the iconic film’s unique appeal for a live stage event and sets its funniest moments to music. It includes original songs, such as “Superperforator” and “Lebkuchenherz”, complemented by Martin Lingnau’s catchy melodies.

The two blood brothers Abahachi and Ranger borrow money from the chief of the Shoshones to buy a pub from gangster Santa Maria – but the pub turns out to be nothing more than a prop facade that collapses at once. The chief’s son tries to run away with the money but is shot by Santa Maria. The chief of the Shoshones thinks Abahachi and Ranger have murdered his son and has them tied to the stake, but they make a “lucky” escape. In order to raise money, they search for the lost parts of a treasure map that will guide them to a hidden diamond. In this endeavour, they rely on the help of some old friends…

The production will be created at the Salzburg State Theatre and will then premiere in Munich and return to Salzburg in January 2021. In cooperation with the Deutsches Theater München, the funny Wild West musical will finally be brought to audiences in Bavaria and Austria.

The work’s licensors Stage Entertainment and herbX have awarded the exclusive rights to the Salzburg State Theatre and the Deutsches Theater München, enabling the show’s first new production since its world premiere in Berlin.

Andreas Gergen has staged more than 80 operas, operettas and musicals and has long been one of the top musical directors in German-language theatre. Together with choreographer Simon Eichenberger he sends an all-star team of German-speaking musical theatre performers to the Wild West.