Die Anschläge von nächster Woche
Die Anschläge von nächster Woche
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

Die Anschläge von nächster Woche

Thomas Arzt

Austrian premiere 17. March 2022 / Kammerspiele


A trail of horror is blazing through Europe. Paris, Nice, Berlin, St. Petersburg, London, Brussels, Vienna: There is hardly any city that has been spared bombings, arson and knife attacks, shootings and killing sprees. Wherever terrorism was raging in Europe in the last few years, Armin Stummer was there. An unfortunate coincidence? The inconspicuous lighting engineer is arrested by investigator Göttinger on New Year’s Eve. But Stummer’s puzzling itinerary is fixed by his boss André Tartini. The charismatic and exceptional artist enraptures audiences with his mystic shows. His events give them a chance to let go of all the worries and anxieties that rule their everyday lives. Tartini collects the fears of his audience and uses them to grow fascinating vines sprouting the most wonderful flowers. Until disaster strikes again.

Fear is a powerful emotion and has as many faces as there are people. Wherever it surfaces from a diffuse substrate, it blasts the solid ground of civilised societies. – “When fears become encrusted, they grow trunks that reason cannot saw through.” – But what came first? Fear or terrorism? In a thriller that is as gripping as it is poetic and filled with distrust, manipulation and uncertainty, Thomas Arzt traces the basic structures of fear that can disintegrate individuals and societies.


In his plays, Austrian author Thomas Arzt (*1983) explores current and socially relevant topics in a poetic manner. His texts have been translated into several languages and performed at festivals in New York, Buenos Aires and Kiev. He has also written radio plays and political essays. He received the Upper Austrian Art Award for Brave Literature in 2020. His first novel, “Die Gegenstimme”, will be published in 2021.

Christina Piegger, a Tyrolean, has staged many productions as the Salzburg State Theatre’s resident director since 2016. She gave her main stage debut as a director with Lucio Gregoretti’s opera “La Fugitive” in 2018. Together with Rolando Villazón she staged the 2020 world premiere of “Mozart Moves! Seven Short Play”, a co-operation of the Mozarteum Foundation and the Salzburg State Theatre. She also directed Mozart’s “Magic Flute” in Passau in the autumn of 2020.