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John von Düffel

World premiere / A Harvey Weinstein family story

Premiere 16/03/2019


A desperate dog owner, a mysterious veterinarian called Dr. Dott, two dogs that get along well and an extremely aggressive cat: John von Düffel’s new dramatic text, which will see its world premiere at the Salzburg State Theatre, is a kaleidoscope of stories between cuddles and assaults.

In our civilised society we like to keep best friends: 8.82 million Austrians have 3.2 million beloved pets. A cat, the favourite pet, on average costs its owners about 11,450 euro over its 16 to 20 years of life…

Throughout the many years spent together, people and their pets come to resemble each other – which makes it hardly surprising that we also find our own neuroses reflected in our pets. In addition to all the treats we give them, we also give them diabetes, bulimia and a variety of psychoses, which are easily transmitted. Fortunately, Dr. Dott holds consultation hours for pets and people – who are soulmates, after all. And the delightful diagnosis after a successful therapy is this: “We have bonded over more than just food.”

In his latest dramatic text author John von Düffel (*1966) explores the shared existence of people and their pets and in Dr. Dott’s office he creates a space for the most revolting secrets, for moments of purest joy and for deep insights about any and all forms of relationships – including #MeToo.

In several weeks of workshops with the ensemble of the Salzburg State Theatre the author will create the first staged version of his text – with human and animal roles specifically created for the ensemble members – for its world premiere at the FREISPIEL festival.


Sa 03/16/2019 07.00 pm Tickets

Salzburger Landestheater

Director John von Düffel

Stage and Costume Design Karin Rosemann

Music and Video Philip Hohenwarter / Matthias Peyker

Dramaturgy Lea Mantel

Genia, mit dem großen Hund Genia Maria Karasek

Christoph, genannt Chrissy Christoph Wieschke

Dr. Dott, Tierpsychiater Marco Dott

Timmy, Filmhund in langen Unterhosen Tim Oberließen

Catwoman Elisa Afie Agbaglah