Die verdrehte Welt
Die verdrehte Welt
© SLT / Tobias Witzgall

Die verdrehte Welt - Il mondo alla rovescia

Antonio Salieri

In italienischer Sprache mit deutschen und englischen Übertiteln

Dramma giocoso in two acts by Caterino Tommaso Mazzolà, based on a libretto by Carlo Goldoni

Premiere: 26. April 2025 / Landestheater


What would happen if men and women were to reverse roles? Aristophanes explored this question in his play “Assemblywomen” as early as 392 B.C. Court composer Antonio Salieri re-examined it in his 1875 dramma giocoso “Il mondo alla rovescia”, a highly humorous investigation of a central issue in the battle of the sexes. – Has it been resolved today?

The fantastic plot unfolds on an unknown island where European women, fed up with being suppressed by men, have found a haven that enables them to reverse traditional gender roles: Here, they are in charge and the men are forced to do household chores and take an interest in fashion. Tensions rise when Generala, the leader of the women – played by a basso buffo – returns from patrolling the sea, bringing two European captives she has found on an island: the Count and the Marchioness. The Count enjoys being an object of jealousy between the elder Generala and the younger Colonella, while the Marchioness, who is used to being courted, suddenly has to train as a “soldier”.

First Kappellmeister Carlo Benedetto Cimento recently rediscovered the work in Legnago, Salieri’s place of birth. A new version of the rare Italian opera is being created for this production. Presenting works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his contemporaries is a central focus in the programme planning of the Salzburg State Theatre.

In his opera “Il mondo alla rovescia”, which saw its world premiere at the Vienna Burgtheater in 1785, Antonio Salieri (1750–1825) uses music and dialogue to present the absurdity of this inverted world and to make the audience laugh as well as reflect on their own world.

Alexandra Liedtke is active as a drama and opera director. She has for instance staged works for the Vienna State Opera, the Theater in der Josefstadt, the Theater Kiel and the Staatstheater Karlsruhe.