Effie Briest
Effie Briest
© Christina Baumann-Canaval

Effi Briest

Theodor Fontane

Adapted for the stage by Falco Blome / In cooperation with the Altstadttheater Ingolstadt

Premiere: 11 October 2022 / Oval – The Europark stage / Kammerspiele


When young Effi Briest is married off to Baron von Innstetten, a former suitor of her mother’s, her greatest fear is that she will be bored in her new life. She tries to escape her loneliness through an affair with Major Crampas, but the affair brings her even more unhappiness. There is really only one thing she cares about: freedom.

“Effi Briest is aiming high. Snorting and laughing she relates how the district administrator from Farther Pomerania proposed to her. Effi is only 17 years old, he is 20 years older. ‘Geert’, she says, testing the sound of his name. ‘Geert!’, ‘Geert?’ A game. A new story. A love story? A story of glamour and glory, at any rate. Achieving at 20 what others have at 40. ‘The one thing I cannot stand is boredom,’ she says and looks pensively at the board of her swing. She will fall. She will be bored to death in the provincial setting of her marriage to the Prussian official and will begin a reckless affair. The consequences of this brief rebellion against social conventions will include a duel, a dead body, her banishment, her premature death.” Donaukurier

Director Falco Blome has created a cut version that is as radical as it is clever: His Effi, played by Lisa Fertner, tells her story herself – caught between chaos and early suffering, ambitions and romantic notions, abuse and morality, freedom and guilt. And all in Fontane’s words.

Theodor Fontane (1819–1898) was inspired by the real life of Elisabeth von Plotho to write his novel “Effi Briest”. She was married to an older man and plunged into an affair. Her husband found compromising letters, her lover was killed in a duel. The marriage ended in divorce. He was granted custody of the two children. She became a nurse and died – unlike Effi – at the advanced age of 98.

Along with Anna Karenina and Madame Bovary, Effi Briest is one of the most famous female characters (and adulteresses) in world literature. The Altstadttheater Ingolstadt produced the stage adaptation by Falco Blome, starring Lisa Fertner as Effi Briest, to commemorate Fontane’s 200th birthday in 2019. In cooperation with the Salzburg State Theatre, a revised version of the production is now presented in Salzburg.

Duration: 90 min / no break

Selected performance

Mo 10/17/2022 07.30 pm

OVAL – Die Bühne im EUROPARK

Cast (on 10/17/2022)

Director, Stage Design Falco Blome

Costume Design Lisa Fertner

Dramaturgy Friederike Bernau

Effi Briest Lisa Fertner