© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

Family Night

We Are Family

World premiere 01. October 2021


Each family has its legendary stories that connect generations, its own loud and quiet moments. There is no getting away from our families. From the day we are born, they leave their marks on our personality and influence the way we communicate, fight, eat and live. They shape the way we view the world and provide a stage for grand emotions. Crying and laughter are never far apart in family life. We live, love, strive and struggle in the microcosm of our families. We are supported, sometimes injured, but always moved.

But what does family really mean? When is a family happy? The new theatre collective “We Are Family” explores these questions in the “Family Night” theatre project.

The performances focus on the personal experience of the acting ensemble. Stories with a point, moving scenes and musical elements blend to create a dynamic and diverse theatre night, with room for surprises.

The ensemble is joined by a new celebrity guest every evening, who will add to the performance with his or her personal family stories. Each “Family Night” thus becomes a unique experience that cannot be repeated. For the duration of each performance, the actors and actresses of the Salzburg State Theatre, the changing celebrity guests and the audience form a temporary family clan that will make everybody feel at home and let them experience the positive power of family.

Our Guests:

01.10.2021 Michael Niavarani
Comedian, actor, author
08.10.2021 Lukas Perman
Musical star
10.10.2021 Tricky Niki (15:00)
Ventriloquist, comedian
Heinrich Schellhorn (19:00)
Deputy governor of the federal province of Salzburg
14.10.2021 Isabella Schweighofer
National player from the Grössinger soccer family
15.10.2021 Anna Buchegger
Winner of the 2021 “Starmania” singing contest
17.10.2021 Ronja Forcher
Actress, plays the daughter on the TV series “Bergdoktor”
20.10.2021 Alfons Haider
TV presenter, actor
29.10.2021 Toni Innauer
Ski-jumping legend
07.11.2021 Fanny Stapf
Reporter, TV presenter for the ORF broadcasting corporation
09.11.2021 DJ Ötzi
Pop Star
26.01.2022 N.N.
27.01.2022 Christoph Wagner Trenkwitz
Commentator for the Vienna Opera Ball, head dramaturg at the Vienna Volksoper
01.02.2022 N.N.
06.02.2022 Max Müller
Actor, singer
18.02.2022 Gregor Bloéb
03.03.2022 Harald Martenstein
Author, writes a column for “Die Zeit”