© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

Family Night

We Are Family

World premiere 01. October 2021


Who doesn’t remember legendary family nights, from barbecues with your godparents, to a good game of “Monopoly”, to watching game shows with your parents?

Family nights at the theatre often end in crises, starting with the dysfunctional families of the ancient Greeks (“Electra”, “Orestes” or “Medea” come to mind) and continuing with Shakespeare’s ruling families (“Hamlet”) all the way to modern texts.

TV and game nights for the whole family have become rare now that everybody is spending their evenings alone with Netflix. All the more reason for the Salzburg State Theatre to create its own Family Night, turning actors and audiences into one big family for the duration of a theatre night.

Each family has its stories that connect generations, its own loud and quiet moments: The ensemble of the Salzburg State Theatre dives into its idiopathic family world and puts together a touching, funny and dramatic mosaic of familial life stories and constellations.

The evening focuses on the personal experience of the acting ensemble, which becomes a temporary clan and shares life-changing, beautiful and absurd moments, texts and songs of family life with the audience. The ensemble is joined by a new guest every evening. The personalities of the individual protagonists and guest stars and their own family stories will make each “Family Night” a different, new and exciting experience.


The new theatre collective “We Are Family” was established for the Family Night project at the Salzburg State Theatre and transcends the common roles of authors and actors to create unique theatre nights that live on the biographies of the participants.

The stage of the Salzburg State Theatre provides the setting for the family anecdotes. Director Carl Philip von Maldeghem uses the space to bring to life the memories of this fateful community, brought together exclusively for one night.