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Galt MacDermot

The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

Book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado / Music by Galt MacDermot / German translation by Nico Rabenald / In German with English lyrics

Premiere 15. October 2022 / Felsenreitschule


Welcome to the “Age of Aquarius”, a period of radical change, an era without racism and war. The members of the “tribe”, a group of young alternative thinkers surrounding the three friends Berger, Sheila and Claude, are gallivanting through life, defying all norms and conventions imposed by traditional social roles. Their maxims are equality, free love and peace, but the illusive harmony in which they live is repeatedly threatened by the conflict between their own bourgeois background and their urge to practice civil disobedience.

 ”Hair” is an energising experience full of powerful rock music and psychedelic trips. Its wild rawness, experimental narrative form and political explosiveness produced a scandal at its world premiere on Broadway in 1968, but the play soon became a lasting global success. For the first time ever, large theatres opened their stages to the peace movement and the counterculture of the youth. Songs such as “Let The Sunshine In” and “Ain’t Got No” became global hits.

Like no other musical, “Hair” makes a strong statement against war and captures the zeitgeist of the young generation – not only of the 1960s, but through the decades from the hippie movement to Fridays for Future. To this day, the rock musical about the yearning for a better and more peaceful future has lost none of its power and relevance.

“Hair” was developed by the actors Gerome Ragni (1942–1991) and James Rado (*1932) as a small, autobiographically inspired off-Broadway musical. Galt MacDermot’s (1928–2018) music blends American rock music with African rhythms to create its own individual style. The musical’s 1979 film adaptation was directed by Miloš Forman.

As a stage director and artistic director of the musical division, Andreas Gergen has put the Salzburg State Theatre on the map in the musical theatre scene. He also staged productions for the Thunerseespiele Festival and the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien. Wolfgang Götz, who for instance conducted “The Sound of Music” for the Salzburg State Theatre, will act as musical director.

Selected performance

Su 11/20/2022 03.00 pm


Cast (on 11/20/2022)

Director Andreas Gergen

Musical Director Wolfgang Götz

Associate director Daniel Therrien

Choreography Stephen Martin Allan

State Design Stefanie Seitz

Costume Design Aleksandra Kica

Dramaturgy Thomas Rufin

Berger Denis Riffel

Claude Simon Stockinger

Woof Aaron Röll

Hud Savio Byrczak

Sheila Julia-Elena Heinrich

Dionne Tertia Botha

Jeannie Sophia Gorgi

Crissy Nicola Kripylo

Tribe „Anneka“ Anneka Dacres

Tribe „Wei-Ken“ Wei-Ken Liao

Tribe „Thomas“ Thomas Wegscheider

Margaret Mead / Politiker / Offizier / Alexander v. Humboldt Marco Dott

Hubert / Vater / Politiker / Karl Marx Horst Zalto
Rudolf Pscheidl

Mutter / Politikerin / Offizierin / Bertha von Suttner Sylvia Offermans

Politiker / Offizier / Abraham Lincoln Daniel Therrien

Politikerin / Offizierin / Ärztin Kate Watson

Politiker / Offizier / Arzt Martin Trippensee

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Ballett Valbona Bushkola
Sveva Gaudenzi
Larissa Mota
Diego da Cunha
Lucas Leonardo
Niccolò Masini
Paulo Muniz
Cassiano Rodrigues

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