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Homo Faber

Max Frisch

Revival 04/06/2019


A successful production enters its tenth season: Director Volkmar Kamm originally developed his stage version of “Homo Faber” by Max Frisch (1911–1991) at the Salzburg State Theatre in the 2009/2010 season. Due to continuing popular demand the Salzburg State Theatre will once again present the production in the 2018/2019 season – for its final run.

Walter Faber, a highly rational person, is confronted with improbable and unforeseeable events that shake his world and throw his emotions and his mind into confusion: after a series of coincidences he meets young Sabeth on a cruise. He suspects – but refuses to acknowledge – that she’s his daughter. Suddenly, Sabeth dies. In their grief her parents reunite. Confronted with his guilt and his own mortality, Homo Faber, with his technical view of the world, despairs over life’s unpredictability.

“Emotion versus reason. Heart and mind. The actors move smoothly between a table with chairs and a few props: this is ‘Homo Faber’ by Max Frisch at the Salzburger Kammerspiele. Kamm dissolves the book’s structuring of various time levels and skilfully recombines them.” Salzburger Nachrichten


Director Volkmar Kamm

Stage and costume design Konrad Kulke

Dramaturgie Bettina Oberender
Astrid Großgasteiger

Regieassistenz/Abendspielleitung Christina Piegger

Inspizienz Josef Vesely

Homo Christoph Wieschke

Faber Gero Nievelstein

Hanna KS Britta Bayer

Sabeth Nikola Jaritz-Rudle


„Gefühl gegen Verstand. Herz und Hirn. Geschmeidig zwischen Tisch, Stühlen und ein paar Requisiten: ‚Homo Faber‘ von Max Frisch in den Salzburger Kammerspielen. Die Montage verschiedener Zeitebenen des Buchs schnürt Kamm auf und kombiniert sie geschickt neu.“

Salzburger Nachrichten