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Giuseppe Verdi

Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave and Andrea Maffei based on the play by William Shakespeare

Premiere 30. October 2021 / Felsenreitschule


Boundless hunger for power, blood-thirsty ambitions and a supernatural prophecy – “Macbeth” is an opera thriller that tells of human seductions and the abyss of the psyche.

As the Scottish nobleman Macbeth returns victorious from a glorious battle, he encounters three witches, who predict a brilliant future for him as Lord of Cawdor and King of Scotland. When the first part of the prophecy comes true, Lady Macbeth urges her husband to spur fate by killing the King. At the stroke of midnight, a dagger is thrust into the heart of the King of Scotland.

The love between Macbeth and his wife displays a radicalism rooted in uncompromising desire that had previously been unthinkable in the world of opera. The work thus marks the departure from antecedent Italian music theatre traditions that had revolved around love stories, sensuality and bel canto. Verdi’s music creates a morbid atmosphere of doom and gloom that aptly befits Shakespeare’s original drama.

Director Amélie Niermeyer returns to Salzburg to explore the depths of the human ego by shining a new light on this masterpiece about ambitions, treason and the thirst for power at the mystic and archaic venue of the Felsenreitschule.


Giuseppe Verdi’s (1813–1901) opera “Macbeth” saw its world premiere at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence in 1847. The performance was conducted by Verdi himself and was enthusiastically received by the audience. The work was soon revised to create the Paris version. Today the “Scottish play” is a standard in opera repertoires.

The Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg is conducted by the Salzburg State Theatre’s Musical Director Leslie Suganandarajah. It is his first collaboration with director Amélie Niermeyer, renowned  for her productions at the Münchner Residenztheater, the Bavarian State Opera and the Vienna State Opera.

Selected performance

Sa 11/06/2021 06.00 pm


Cast (on 11/06/2021)

Musical Director Leslie Suganandarajah

Director Amélie Niermeyer

State Design Alexander Müller-Elmau

Costume Design Kirsten Dephoff

Choreography Dustin Klein

Dramaturgy Thomas Rufin
Andrea Schönhofer

Musikalische Einstudierung Wolfgang Götz

Musikalische Assistenz und Nachdirigat Gabriel Venzago

Choreinstudierung Ines Kaun

Macbeth Simon Neal

Banco Raimundas Juzuitis
Yevhen Rakhmanin

Lady Macbeth Annemarie Kremer

Dama di Lady Macbeth Olivia Cosío

Macduff Ks. Franz Supper
Luke Sinclair

Malcom Luke Sinclair
Chong Sun

Medico Samuel Pantcheff
Andrew Munn

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