Mozart Moves! Sieben Dramolette
Mozart Moves! Sieben Dramolette
© Anna-Maria Löffelberger

Mozart Moves! Seven Short Plays

Seven short plays by Martha Bátiz, John von Düffel, Tom Holloway, Shlomo Moskovitz, Guadalupe Nettel, Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Jorge Volpi inspired by divertimenti by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

World Premiere: 27/01/2020 / Salzburg State Theatre


Closely-written sheets with divertimenti by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and empty pages for new texts by Mexican-Canadian author Martha Bátiz, German dramatist John von Düffel, Australian playwright Tom Holloway, Israeli author Shlomo Moskovitz, Mexican poet Guadalupe Nettel, French-Belgian dramatist and film director Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt and Mexican reformer of literature Jorge Volpi – this was the starting point chosen by Mozart Week Director Rolando Villazón and Salzburg State Theatre Director Carl Philip von Maldeghem for a new cooperation between their institutions. Following the extraordinary ballet gala “Mozart Moves!” of January 2019, the great composer’s work is now moving an international group of highly renowned literary artists who are writing original texts for the actors’ ensemble of the Salzburg State theatre. They could choose freely from Mozart’s divertimenti as inspiration for their short plays. Head of the ballet division Reginaldo Oliveira and members of the ballet ensemble will add dance to this manifold, Mozart-inspired encounter of the arts.

The Italian word “divertimento” means entertainment. Mozart’s divertimenti therefore offer a plurality of entertainment – “light music” of the highest quality. These works are much more than mere incidental pieces and make up an important part of Mozart’s oeuvre. They have inspired the authors of our seven short plays to write about tender love, secret desires and encounters between different cultures.

The world’s grandest opera houses are home to global star Rolando Villazón, who has been a cultural ambassador for Mexico since 2010 and also began working as an opera director in 2011. He stages the seven world premieres together with young Austrian director Christina Piegger. Reginaldo Oliveira, who realised the supreme ballet gala of 2019 together with Villazón, adds to the evening’s magic with his choreographies.

A new production of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation in cooperation with the Salzburg State Theatre

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