• © Tobias Witzgall


Theodora Bauer

Reading 22/03/2019


Melli works at Papierwaren Pospischil, a small stationery store defying the signs of the times by its sheer existence. When Melli starts to question how the store can avoid closing, a sophisticated chamber play unfolds – involving geriatric drug addicts, exploding porcelain cats, coconut balls dipped in chocolate, a man with wavering suicidal intentions who is in the right place at the wrong time, a store owner who will stop at nothing and has friends in the police force and finally Melli herself, the store’s cynical employee who is trying hard not to lose her head in the chaos.

In Theodora Bauer’s (*1990) play, which won the “Freedom of Laughter” contest at the Salzburg State Theatre in September 2017, opposing characters and life plans clash, revealing an apocalyptic yet cheerful cabinet of curiosities. “papier.waren.pospischil” is a biting (sur)real life satire that nimbly transcends genre boundaries.

Duration: 1 h / no break


Director Claus Tröger

Stage and Costume Design Katja Schindowski

Dramaturgy Friederike Bernau

Melli Nikola Rudle

Frau Hannelore Pospischil Britta Bayer

Frau Fleischer, Adalbert Navratil Sascha Oskar Weis

Nikolaus Hanno Waldner

Heinrich, Polizist Walter Sachers