• © Christina Baumann-Canaval

Paulas Reisen

Paul Maar

Austrian premiere / Inspired by the eponymous illustrated book / Ages 5 and up

Premiere 06/04/2019


Paula explores the most fantastic worlds in her dreams. Paul Maar’s ingenious book sends the little girl on an adventurous expedition. First, Paula comes to the colourful land of circles. Emperor Sphere and Prince Little Sphere immediately send for the circular police. They are alarmed because Paula clearly doesn’t belong in their round world, where anything angular is forbidden. Put Paula doesn’t want to be adjusted, so she turns a circle into a hole and falls through into the next world.

In the land of a thousand corners, the land of red shades and the upside-down land there are many interesting things to discover, but the inhabitants are not open to anyone who is different from them. Is there no world where Paula can be like she is? Again and again she finds loopholes to escape to new worlds until she ends up in the land of downy feathers, where everything is soft and warm and pleasant. Paula makes herself comfortable and finally feels happy, because here there are no rules. Everybody is different and that’s a good thing!

Those who accompany Paula on her travels will playfully learn to stand up to pressure from others so they can be accepted as they are. A funny and imaginative plea for tolerance, diversity, open-mindedness and individuality.

Paul Maar (*1937) is one of the most famous German authors of books for children and young people. He is best known as the inventor of the “Sams” and for his very own version of the tales of the Arabian Nights called “Lippels Traum”. He won the German Children’s Literature Award for his oeuvre. The illustrated book “Paulas Reisen”, published in 2016, is one of his best works.

The English-Polish team of directors Rachel Karafistan and Kuba Pierzchalski (COSmino) presented their poetic and musical production of “King A” in the Salzburger Kammerspiele in the 2016/2017 season. Their unique style transforms “Paulas Reisen” into a playful kaleidoscope of physical theatre, dance and music. With much humour, imagination and magic they bring the shapes and colours of the illustrated book to life.