Peter Pan
Peter Pan
© SLT / Tobias Witzgall

Peter Pan

George Stiles

Musical / Ab 6 Jahren

Nach dem Schauspiel von James Matthew Barrie / Gesangstexte von Anthony Drewe / Buch von Willis Hall

Premiere 12. June 2022 / Theatre Tend


You will find the theater tent at the exhibition center: Messezentrum 1, 5020 Salzburg. You can find a description of the route here.
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To never grow up and to be able to fly. Isn’t that what we all dream of? Peter Pan lives this dream – until everything is different one day!

Peter Pan has lost his shadow in the bedroom of Wendy, Michael and John Darling. He goes to retrieve it while the children are asleep. But he is discovered – Wendy wakes up and helps him. Peter Pan is very grateful and offers to take her to Neverland. Neverland? It is an island where anything becomes real, as long as you believe in it!

Wendy doesn’t think twice and sets out immediately with her brothers. Everything is easy with Peter Pan by their side: All they need to do is believe and suddenly they are able to fly out the window – and land themselves in an exciting adventure, because Neverland is populated not only by Peter Pan’s friends, the Lost Boys, the mermaids and Tiger Lily, but also by a crocodile and by Captain Hook and his pirates. And there are only two things that vindictive Captain Hook fears: the crocodile and Peter Pan.

Wendy, Michael and John are facing a great battle – but they have learnt something from Peter Pan: to be brave and to never lose faith in their imagination. This will help them master any challenge, even the biggest adventure of their lives.

Together with musical director Wolfgang Götz, the members of the United Children’s Choir of the Salzburg Festival and the Salzburg State Theatre have won the hearts of audiences with the thrilling musical play “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. Now they present the adventures of Peter Pan in a spectacular musical play with a lively choreography by Kate Watson and Josef Vesely.

Duration: ca. 2 hours with one break




Musical Director Wolfgang Götz
Katrin Schweiger

Director Carl Philip von Maldeghem

Co-Director Christiane Silberhumer

Choreography Josef Vesely
Kate Watson

Stage and Costume Design Katja Schindowski

Dramaturgie Christina Piegger
Anna Lukasser-Weitlaner

Dramturgie Assistenz Jule Schäfer

Peter Pan Patrizia Unger

Erzählerin / Mrs. Darling Julia-Elena Heinrich

Käpt’n James Hook / Mr. Darling Axel Meinhardt

Nana / Smee Marco Dott

Tinkerbell Gregor Schulz

Wendy Maria Strassl
Alisa Sofia Rotthaler

John Daniel Fussek
Alexander Kölblinger

Michael Jakob Hauser
Niklas Plasse

Tiger Lily Flora Menslin
Vilma Rabitsch

Nibs Emilia Grabner
Amelie Crewe

Curly Naima Jones
Leopoldine Richards

Erster Zwilling Marlene Huber
Lorena Waldegger

Zweiter Zwilling Konstantin Beneder
Nils Pühringer

Starky Nikolas Kendi
Florian Weiser

Cecco Eva Buttenhauser
Franziska Stebler

Cookson Philip Hammerschmid
Frederik von Maldeghem

Lost Kids Jolie Balan, Konstantin Beneder, Amelie Crewe, Elena Crewe, Daniel Fussek, Klara Gaisbauer, Emilia Grabner, Jakob Hauser, Sophie Hauser, Valentina Holzmann, Marlene Huber, Naima Jones, Azara Kamara-Tsagli, Alexander Kölblinger, Ronja Neumayer, Niklas Plasse, Nils Pühringer, Leana Reisberger, Leopoldine Richards, Mirjam Salzmann, Sylvie Schartner, Ava Schischek, Luisa Thayer, Olivia Thayer, Lorena Waldegger

Kriegerinnen Magdalena Augsten, Luna Cengu, Leonie Ehrenreich, Marie Kathrin Elling, Muriel Glage, Emina Hadzic, Melanie Klampfer, Flora Menslin, Mirjam Pumberger, Vilma Rabitsch, Carina Reichl, Soraya Reichenfelser, Thorina Reichenfelser, Johanna Schwan, Lea Wagner, Chiara Weiser

Piraten Lorenz Aigner, Christoph Bleyer, Eva Buttenhauser, Elisa Ehrenreich, Tim Fink, Sebastian Grünwald, Philip Hammerschmid, Christopher Hipper, Elias Karl, Nikolas Kendi, Lennart Malm, Leonhard Radauer, Luca Russegger, Helena Stark, Franziska Stebler, Frederik von Maldeghem, Florian Weiser