Shakespeare im Park: Golden Lads & Girls

William Shakespeare

A cooperation with Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron

Premiere: 05/25/2022 / Schloss Leopoldskron


We know how much Shakespeare’s characters like to seek solace in nature whenever their love and life troubles become overwhelming. For the last few summers, we have been accompanying them into the great outdoors in the Park of Schloss Leopoldskron.

This time around, we will follow the golden lads and girls from Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” in their struggles against intrigues, faithlessness and distrust. Their path to a peaceful (happy) ending is littered with disguises, poison, combat and suffering.

Should there be any changes due to rain, we will announce this here 3 hours before the start of the play.

Additional information:
- A picnic basket can be purchased with the ticket.
The empty baskets are accepted at the exit.
- Picnic baskets are available at the box office according to availability. For children the content is modified.
- The consumption of food and drinks brought along is unfortunately not possible.
- Due to the  limited number of parking spaces we recommend using public transport.
- We recommend sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing for the parks. The path through the park is not paved.

Ticket adults 34 €
Ticket children 17 €
Picnic basket for 2 adults 38 €
Picnic basket for 1 adult 28 €
Picnic basket for 1 child 17 €

Content picnic basket for adults:
Prosecco, water, ciabatta, Mediterranean vegetables with baby mozzarella and basil pesto, prosciutto with olives and parmesan shavings, berry mascarpone cream
Content picnic basket for children: 
apple juice, 1 roll with ham, 1 roll with cheese, berry mascarpone cream, 1 apple


Director Carl Philip von Maldeghem

Costume Design Stephanie Bäuerle

Dramaturgy Friederike Bernau

Captain / Oilvia Britta Bayer

Viola / Pandarus Julia-Elena Heinrich

Cressida / Perdita Sofia Payet

Troilus / Florisell / Malvolio Daniel Wagner

Sirene Franziska Stebler

Matrose Philip Hammerschmid

Further information

Die Vorstellungstermine im August finden Sie hier.