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Tanto ... Tango!

Reginaldo Oliveira and Flavio Salamanka

An Evening of Tango

World premiere 10/18/2020 / Salzburg State Theatre


Sensuality, melancholy, excitement, passion: Tanto… Tango! So much… tango! Tango is more than a dance, it is a lifestyle that rose from the streets to conquer the dance halls. No other dance lets men and women meet on such an equal footing – without denying the battle the dancers are fighting among themselves.

Tango ballads are ruled by the bandoneon’s melancholic pull, their lyrics talk of loneliness, desire and the many things in life that can make you lose your mind. Tango was born in the poorest quarters of Argentina and soon took Buenos Aires by storm, the capital which had unexpectedly bloomed into the most glamorous metropolis south of the equator. From there, tango became a global phenomenon. It was danced on patios and in courtyards; successful dance clubs emerged and in newly opened dance schools this “elegant” dance was developed into a ballroom dance – still exuding a dangerous passion, even to this day.

Tango composers began selling illustrated sheet music and the newly founded record companies distributed the first tango recordings. Tea dances made tango socially acceptable and “tango yellow” became a fashion trend, even for the high society – Europe and North America experienced a veritable tangomania.

“Tango is the most beautiful dance there is. It requires strength, much tenderness and many hours of hard work,” says the Argentine tango expert Antonio Todaro. And the dancers of the Salzburg ballet ensemble will of course invest much passion into this “dance to end all dances”.

“Tanto… Tango!” is a collaboration of Reginaldo Oliveira, head of the ballet division, and the Salzburg ensemble’s extraordinary soloist Flavio Salamanka, who holds the title of Kammertänzer and has recently also attracted much attention as a choreographer (“Mozart Moves!”, “The Little Prince”). Reginaldo Oliveira has long won the hearts of Salzburg audiences in the grand venues of the Felsenreitschule and the Salzburg State Theatre.

Selected performance

Su 10/18/2020 07.00 pm

Salzburger Landestheater

Cast (on 10/18/2020)

Idee, Choreographie und Ausstattung Reginaldo Oliveira
Kt. Flavio Salamanka