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The Endz

The Multi-Story Orchestra - Orchestrierung von Kate Whitley

Book by Abi Falase

Eine Hip-Hopera

Österreichische Erstaufführung: 24. Mai 2025 / Orchesterhaus


Kate Whitley’s hip-hopera presents a powerful contemporary narrative wrapped in a unique combination of spoken dialogue, classical orchestrated music, solo and choir singing as well as rap.

“The Endz” discusses friendship, exclusion, racism and social challenges in a neglected neighbourhood. The sad inspiration for the hip-hopera was the murder of 17-year-old Malcolm Mide-Mandariola, who was killed in the streets. His brave, unarmed attempt to help a friend who was being threatened ended fatally after he was stabbed in the heart. His classmates have dedicated the work “The Endz”, which was created in collaboration with Kate Whitley and Abi Falase, to his memory.

The plot of the hip-hopera is set in “The Endz”, a dangerous part of London, where Reece and Imani are continually confronted with discrimination and racism as well as the challenging conditions of living in a deprived neighbourhood. While Reece is trying to adapt, Imani chooses provocation as a means to rebel against cliches. Their friendship is strained by frustration about the continuing fight against prejudice and the lack of a perspective for change. Yet it is essential that systems and structures change so that people of colour can express their own identity full of pride and self-confidence.

The artistic work of composer Kate Whitley (*1989) won an award from the Royal Philharmonic Society in 2023. She studied at King’s College, Cambridge. She is also the founder of the Multi-Story Orchestra, which brings opera to car parks and other places that are usually not associated with opera performances.

Directors Christine Arnold and Patricia Pfisterer join forces to combine their expertise in music theatre and in participatory theatre. They are staging this contemporary work together with an unusual cast and with musical director Leslie Suganandarajah, Kapellmeister Tobias Meichsner and the Mozarteum Orchestra.