The Rocky Horror Show
The Rocky Horror Show
© Salzburger Landestheater

The Rocky Horror Show

Richard O‘Brien

In German with English lyrics

Buch von Howard Lindsay und Russel Crouse

Wiederaufnahme: 22. Dezember 2024 / Landestheater


“The Rocky Horror Show” is trash, breaking taboos and sexual provocation. And stand by it! In fact, the musical celebrates all of these things, but always remains honest, even touching, and invites us to simply turn our “secret pleasures” into pleasure. What happened until now? Exuberant energy, happy faces, dancing audience, sold-out performances. There's only one thing that helps: "Let's do the Time-Warp again!" Fishnet tights and corsages, sci-fi and eroticism, glam rock and an extra dose of humor! Or to put it in Frank’n’Furter’s words: “Don’t dream it – be it!”


“The most electrifying experiment in musical history!” Kronen Zeitung



duration: 2h / one break