Voll verschleiert
Voll verschleiert
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Some Like It Veiled

Sou Abadi / Michael Niavarani

Comedy based on the film “Cherchez la femme” by Sou Abadi. Adapted for the stage by Michael Niavarani / A co-production with the Globe Wien and the Theater im Park am Belvedere

World premiere 27. February 2022


Armand and Leila are in love. They are both studying politics and dreaming of going to New York together. But before they can leave, Leila’s brother Mahmoud thwarts their plans. Mahmoud returns radicalised from a prolonged stay in Yemen and disapproves of his sister’s romantic relationship. Armand and Leila have no other choice but to dress up Armand in a niqab so that they can go on seeing each other. Disguised as Leila’s new best friend Sheherazade, Armand can visit Leila whenever he likes. Mahmoud falls in love with the mysterious girl with the beautiful eyes who introduces him to the worlds of poetry and Islamic mysticism.

Michael Niavarani, Vienna’s star comedian of Persian descent and a true master of humour, directs his own adaptation of Sou Abadi’s much-acclaimed French film “Cherchez la femme”. With its fast dialogues and a solid serving of slapstick, this screwball comedy promises witty and profound entertainment that also touches on serious topics including poetry, law and religion, migration and exile as well as the Islamic tradition of the veil. More importantly, “Some Like It Veiled” is a story of reconciliation and an invitation to apply the therapeutic powers of laughter to the issues of radicalisation and prejudice.


Iranian-born Sou Abadi is a film director, screenwriter and film editor. She has been living in France since she was 15 years old. Her first film, “SOS à Téhéran”, is considered one of the most daring documentaries about Iranian society. After several documentaries, she realised her first fiction film with “Cherchez la femme” in 2017.

Michael Niavarani is a comedian, actor, author and director. He is also the artistic director of the Kabarett Simpl and the Globe Wien. The audience favourite has repeatedly won the Austrian TV award “Romy” and was voted “Funniest Austrian” in 2011. His books topped bestseller lists in Austria for weeks. His latest book with accompanying CD, “Es glaubt kein Mensch… Niavarani liest Nestroy”, was published in December 2020.