Vom Lichten und Dunkeln
Vom Lichten und Dunkeln
© Christina Baumann-Canaval

Of Light and Darkness

Brice Asnar and Flavio Salamanka

World premiere: 5 May 2023 / Rehearsal centre Aigen


Shining lights appear most striking where the darkness seems most impenetrable. This ballet production, presented at our rehearsal centre in Aigen, invites two choreographers to explore the variety of light and darkness manifested in humanity.

Using his personal, unique choreographic language, which always makes the presence of light in humanity felt and yet does not negate omnipresent shadows, Brice Asnar enters the darkest areas of the human cosmos. Meanwhile, Flavio Salamanka is searching for trails that follow the traces of light into effortless brightness. The movements they present float like sails in the infinite freedom of the open sea, scattering, regrouping and recomposing themselves.

As in the production “3 × Chopin” from the 2021/2022 season, different choreographic languages are contrasted on the stage of the rehearsal centre in Aigen, displaying the fascinating diversity of possibilities in dance and challenging the ballet ensemble to grow and evolve.

Brice Asnar received his dance education in Marseille and at the Royal Ballet School in London. His previous engagements include the Northern Ballet, the English National Ballet, the Staatsballett Karlsruhe and the Ballett am Rhein. In 2014 he created “Omnis II” for the programme “Choreographen stellen sich vor” in Karlsruhe, followed by “As it leaves …” in Düsseldorf, which was also presented at the Salzburg State Theatre’s International Ballet Gala in 2019.

Flavio Salamanka, who holds the title of Kammertänzer, has been a member of the Salzburg State Theatre’s ballet ensemble since the 2017/2018 season. Audiences have enjoyed his work as a choreographer in successful productions such as “Tanto … Tango!” or “The Little Prince”, a performance for children. “Of Light and Darkness” presents new, surprising facets of his creativity.