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Jeff Lynne und John Farrar

Buch von Douglas Carter Beane / Musik und Liedtexte von Jeff Lynne und John Farrar / Eine Kooperation mit der Stadt Salzburg und dem EC Red Bull Salzburg

Premiere: 1. Juni 2024 / Eisarena Salzburg


A goddess on earth, a roller disco and the illuminating music of the Electric Light Orchestra – these are the ingredients for the success of “Xanadu”. The film starring Olivia Newton-John became world-famous especially for its soundtrack, which was recorded in Munich. The street artist Sonny creates a chalk mural in Venice Beach of Zeus and his daughters, the muses. The muse Kira steps out of the picture to stir up longings and make dreams come true. Of course, Sonny falls head over heels in love with her, but she keeps escaping him on her roller skates.

Meanwhile, Sonny meets the construction mogul Danny, played by Gene Kelly in the movie, and together they decide to convert an art-deco style auditorium into a roller disco. Inspired by the roller disco “DiscOasis” at New York’s Central Park, which reopened in 2022, the production transforms the ice arena at the Salzburg Volksgarten into a theatre venue in the style of 1980s California. The project is supported by the City of Salzburg and the EC Red Bull Salzburg ice hockey club. Apart from the musical soloists, the show will also get many young talents rolling. The musical saw more than 500 performances on Broadway in 2007 and was nominated for several Tony Awards, winning the Drama Desk Award for best book and the Outer Critics Award for best musical.

The New York Times called it “simultaneously indefensible and irresistible”. Carl Philip von Maldeghem is turning the “entire city into a stage” (Max Reinhardt). Choreographed by Daniel Therrien („Starlight Express“) and Kate Watson, the roller-skating ensemble will take the ice arena by storm in the summer of 2024. Lara Roth, two-time Austrian figure skating champion, will assist the production as a roller skating coach. Wolfgang Götz and Katrin Schweiger will act as musical directors.



Director Carl Philip von Maldeghem

Musical Director Wolfgang Götz

Szenische und choreographische Mitarbeit Lara Roth

Choreographie Rollschuhe Daniel Therrien

Choreographie Tanz Kate Watson
Josef Vesely

Dramaturgie Friederike Bernau

Videodesign Tobias Witzgall

Kostüme Simon Barth

Clio Patrizia Unger

Sonny Thomas Wegscheider

Danny Axel Meinhardt

Kalliope Minori Therrien

Melpomene Larissa Enzi

Thalia Daniel Therrien

Euterpe Elisabeth Mackner

Erato Tina Eberhardt

Terpsicore Alea Hagedorn

Fantasy Duo Lara Roth
Daniel Therrien

Roller Girls Denise Bouvier, Lea Drexel, Raisa Ehim, Minerva Födermayr, Leopoldine Richards, Anna Schindler, Annika Schmidhuber, Hanna Schwarzer, Alma Tomasi, Ida Tomasi

Girls Group Erin Bleckman, Samia-Joy Gschlössl, Daria Lahuta, Leonique Pichler, Luisa Schätz, Sophie Seilern-Moy, Carmen Stöckl

Clouds Laura Fagerer, Mara Eve Hill, Isabella Menapace, Lea Pircher, Hannah Seilern-Moy

Tanzgruppe Alina Cebis, Magdalena Daller, Muriel Glage, Hanna Grasser, Julia Lechleitner, Charlotte Steidl