Wheelchair users can visit performances of the Salzburg State Theatre for free (wheelchair spaces subject to availability, there are no wheelchair spaces in the chamber theatre).  Escorts who are listed in the disability pass are granted a 50% discount. Exception: Children’s plays.

Service for People with Hearing Disabilities

The Salzburg State Theatre features an induction-based assistive listening system, i.e. a technical solution which makes audio signals such as music or speech in event locations more easily accessible to people who are hard of hearing. The acoustic signals are transformed into analogue electric currents and transmitted in the form of an alternating electromagnetic field via an induction loop that is installed in the room. Telecoil-equipped hearing aids can pick up these acoustic signals and reproduce them with little noise or distortion. In the auditorium of the Salzburg State Theatre, the stalls and the balcony are fitted with an induction loop. The new loop design provides uncompromised sound in any listening position, meaning that the signal can be received in every seat of these two areas of the auditorium.

In addition to the audio induction loop described above, the auditorium also boasts a Wi-Fi-based assistive listening system. This system enables visitors to receive acoustic signals using their own devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and their own headphones (“Bring your own device”). With a Wi-Fi connection and the installation of a free app on the respective device, audio content can be received and personal sound levels can be adjusted. Two access points installed in the auditorium ensure that the signal can be picked up in every seat. Acoustic measurements have revealed a very low latency for this system, which means that visitors who use this solution experience little or no reduction in sound quality and little or no overlapping with direct sound. In the boxes, where it is technically impossible to install an induction loop, only this system is available. The theatre is also equipped with receiving devices and headphones that can be rented out or provided to visitors.

Please note that all discounts are only given upon presentation of a disability pass and the tickets have to be picked up in person at the register of the State Theatre. We ask for your understanding. Receiving multiple discounts is not possible.

Wheelchair Taxi

People who are using a wheelchair have the possibility to call the wheelchair-taxi:  (+43) 0664 7380 9509
The taxi driver is called Stefan Huber and the taxi can accommodate 2 wheelchairs.
You can find all information here.
Additionally, the city management gives out taxi coupons to poeple with disabilities.
You can find all information here.